Friday, August 17, 2007

Gong Yoo: "Leaving to serve his Military Service after Coffee Prince"

Westerners say that death and taxes are the only things in life that can't be avoided.

For Korean males, the aphorism can be modified to death, taxes and military service. Actor Gong Yoo is slated for conscription this October, joining the ranks of men, famous and unknown, who have served their country.

According to the Office of Military Manpower Administration, Gong, 28, will serve at a station in Uijeongbu-dong, Gyeonggi, starting Oct. 9. He will undergo the six weeks of bootcamp required for new conscripts.

He said previously that he would enter service after completing his current mini-series in which he costars with singer-turned-actress Yoon Eun-hye.
However, his label, sidusHQ, said Gong hasn't formally received an enlistment warrant but it was likely he would serve later this year.

The star, whose real name is Gong Ji-cheol, rose to stardom after his debut in KBS's teen series, "Hakgyo 4". Most recently, he has earned rave reviews as an acerbic but charmingly rich single man in the Korean mini-series, "Coffee Prince Branch No. 1" ("Coffee Prince"). His character falls in love with a female waiter masquerading as a man.

By Renee Park

Source : joongangdaily.joins.c... ( English Korean )

A post from a fan in Asian Fanatic's Forum:
Ladies … seems like "Coffee Prince" is Gong Yoo’s last project because the guy is apparently enlisted for his military service …. *cry my heart out* The news have it, “he was supposed to be enlisted in May 2007 but due to the shooting of this drama, his agency had requested for a delay of his enlisting until late August 2007. So this drama will probably be GY’s last drama.”

For this matter a Japanese website offered his lucky fans to watch the Coffee Prince’s Final Episode together with Gong Yoo by joining the touring party. This activity is planned by Sidus HQ, the original schedule was set up from August 20, 2007 (Monday) - August 22 (Wednesday), however, due to the possibility of extension of the drama, the touring party may change to August 22 - 29 (predetermined).

A number of 300 people (from the Japanese Group) + Fan Club members from South Korea will watch the final episode together with Gong Yoo. HERE IS THE JAPANESE WEBSITE

Source: Dabin9307@soompi + soompi / Asian Fanatics

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