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Coffee Prince @ The Set - July 31, 2007

I met up with YEH on the 31st of July, at the set of her drama "Coffee Prince".The first thing I heard from the set was YEH shouting out "hey! we've finished early today! Lets go eat!!"Through this drama YEH has become South Korea's token tomboy, and it was evident even outside the set that she was still in the character of EunChan, as she was walking like her character with confident strides to greet me.

Reporter: How do you feel about being praised for your acting by the producers and viewers, with comments such as "the level of acting has improved", "YEH has become a smart/sharp actress".

YEH: Oh my... im just thankful that they are watching me favourably. Honestly, its not like this drama is making me out to be beautiful. But thankfully, people are finding "eunchan" adorable, and in turn im receiving the love being reflected off this adorable character.

Reporter: How did you feel when you were presented with the role of "eunchan", of which you had to play a girl disguised as a guy?

YEH: It would be true in saying i did feel a bit burdened by this role. But in so saying, ive been able to present "eunchan" well, with much help and encouragement from the director and my fellow actors (smiles)You know, before we got into the official shooting of this drama, the staff members and I did a lot of research in terms of how guys act and talk even to the minute details. But ofcourse we didnt forget the fact that both "eunchan" and I are female. And of course the viewers also know that both "eunchan" and I are females, so I really tried hard to combine both the manliness and feminineness into the character of "eunchan". And it seems the fans are viewing it in a favorable way.

YEH made her debut as a singer when she joined the then-famous girl group Baby VOX in 1999 when she was only in middle school.And only 2 years after making her appearance in drama's she has already made a name for herself as an actress.YEH has now been recognised for her ability to thoroughly analyze and breakdown her characters and for this has been included in the list of well sought after actresses.

Reporter: This drama has been televised up to episode 10, so far which scene has been the most memorable to you? are you able to pick out a favourite scene?

YEH: Even with the number of episodes that have so far been televised, viewers have said that there have been many memorable scenes. But ill tell you now, there will be many many even more memorable scenes coming up, and from episode 11 and onwards, there will be many sad scenes.

Reporter: Ending remarks

YEH: Once again, i want to thank the viewers for tuning in to "Coffee Prince" despite it being the holiday period. And it would be grateful if you would please continue to love both "Eunchan" and I.

When I asked for a picture, it was again evident that YEH was still in her character. Just before this interview, YEH had finished shooting a scene where she was crying, so her eyes were red and puffy and her face was without any makeup. When I asked, at first she thought "how can i looking like this", but after briefly contemplating, with a big "eunchan-like" smile she asked that we "take her picture well" and striked an "eunchan-like" pose.
credit for eng. translation: smr05 of soompi

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