Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Final Review: Farewell My Coffee Prince!

From all over the globe everyone has been cheering as to how Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo's recent drama was well made. I joined the Coffee Prince Crusade since the beginning of the drama and from my personal point of view I would say that the Casts and Production of the drama has truly made a difference. Unlike any other Korean drama that we normally watch, Coffee Prince doesn’t have the character villain, where there will be a third or fourth character in a relationship and try to destroy the main couple. With Coffee Prince, they tackled more on the developing of a relationship between two people and also their relationship with their peers. Each character in the drama was well acknowledged by the viewers. They’ve performed their character well even to those with the smallest part. Each was recognized and was loved by everyone. I’ve seen Gong Yoo’s other films and I would have to say that he’s a really a good actor but wasn’t really credited enough. Here at Coffee Prince people have been praising him and eagerly waiting for his next project but unfortunately he’ll be away for two years for his military service. That’s right, just like Song Seung Heon at the peak of his career he went to serve his military career.

Last night’s final episode have left a lot of viewers in amazement. Some were a little bit disappointed as to how the drama ended but many still compromised and value the ending as exceptional. Yoon Eun Hye’s performance was something that every viewer has expected. Her acting skills were recognized by a lot of viewers during Goong and yet she showed more… more than everyone has expected. I for one was astonished as to how both YEH and GY did in the drama. They’ve truly brought Han Gyul and Eun Chan’s character into life.


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