Sunday, August 26, 2007

Coffee Prince: The Final Cup (Long Preview)

(The Final Cup - Long Preview)

tuesdhei / rebby @ soompi / iMBC

HK puts on his pants: Did you sleep well?
EC nods
HK: it's already morning
EC: Oh no, I'm going to get beaten to death by my mum, i didn't tell her i was staying out for the night
HK: I'll go with you to tell your mum
EC inside the blanket: No, i'll go myself. Where are my clothes.
HK: They've fallen over here, I'll pick it up for you
EC: It's okay, i'll pick it up myself (Picks up clothes while inside the blanket) I feel embarassed, Can you go somewhere else?
HK kneels down: I'm just looking at what's mine, what's wrong with that? (picks up pillow) When did this fall down here?
EC: wait a moment
HK picks up EC and puts her onto the bed: You change clothes, I'll go...

EC's mum is getting breakfast ready: EC's not coming down?
ES: After doing morning exercises, she went off to work
EC mum: Without eating breakfast? I didn't hear her going out
ES: Maybe she was afraid to wake you up, so she was careful? Seemed like she needed to make a morning delivery.
EC Mum: Where did she go, without eating breakfast?
ES: Wait a moment (mumbles to self) I'm really going crazy

ES: Have you gone crazy? You were with Sajangnim Ajusshi last night, weren't you? Asking you is pointless. Listen, i said that after you did morning exercises you went back to the store, So don't come home and go straight to work.
EC: I understand, Thanks
ES: You owe me a big one, you know?
EC: i'm hanging up
ES: had the nerve to [get into trouble type of thing] before me...

HK: Home, right? Need to give your sister more pocket money>
EC: What pocket money? It'll spoil her.

YJ: cleaned the bathroom in the morning, what else did i do? That's right, also prepared soup for when my husband comes back. No, i have to go back to the studio in a moment. I have things i need to do, ajusshi is going overboard. For HS's child, can't work hard, can't see friends. I'm working towards that and you're still like this. It's alright! (and then she goes into pain)
YJ on IV drip (because all kdramas need a few IV drip scenes XD)
HS: sleep for a while longer

At the store
EC is cleaning
HK: Hey, why are you always cleaning? Is it because you're leaving that you're going things so half-assly. You can't be like that, you should clean until it's squeaky clean
EC: okay i understand, squeaky clean
HK: Don't wipe where it's already been wiped. See here, You need to wipe the corner as well.
EC: I've already wiped there
HK: you need to be more careful, you need to wipe there
EC: I understand, need to continue wiping down there
HK: Here's alright, i'll wipe. The places that aren't easy to wipe, should be left to you. You have strength.
EC: Don't you have anything to do? (i.e. are you really that bored?)
HK: Don't have anything to do? Are you looking down on sajangnim? Just continue doing what i've told you to do. There, by the door, it's accumulated alot of dust,
EC: i understand
HK: Here, like this. Where are you going? Not there. Ai...what is this? Open it up and take a look?
EC: They're shoes...
HK: Come try it on
EC: Can't, they're the customers...
HK: Baristas need to stand for long periods of time, so these shoes will definitely be comfortable
EC Did sajangnim hide these? How did you now how big my feet were?
HK: the size of one hand/ it's one hand long
EC tries on the shows: you really move people's hearts
Fr kholysea
credits: as above and kdocn; yinsyung@soompi


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